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Sam Murad

Financial Manager

Man of Numbers, He is very detailed , Keeps tracking every $ . He is a singer as well. We love to call him (The Voice of AQMC)

Ghanim Murad


Hard working leader, Strong and Family person, He keeps the same beautiful smile even in hard situations, We love to call him (AQMC Father)

Wisam Murad

Logistic Manager

Smart Man has ability to schedule all work through a strong management plan, We love to call him (AQMC Rock).

Mezr Murad


We love to call him (ET) which means Everything in one man , This man is an  ambitious leader of AQMC , He has a strong Engineering and Construction background with 20 years experience.


(214) 463-3436

Virginia office : 6945 Pocahontas Trl Williamsburg, VA, USA 23185

Texas office : 8330 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Dallas, TX 75243

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